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Sur le vif

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is a British Bank controlled to 80% by the State. It is said involved in the case of the Libor. On August 24, 2012, Reuters news agency reported links between the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and the British and North American regulators to stop the intended prosecution through a settlement. The interest is not in the subject of the announcement, but in the formulation. Indeed, the Bank denies the existence of this mutual understanding. Less than a month ago, it claimed that it would face prosecution and a few weeks ago, it claimed that it could be actions of traders and not its own, taken as operators. Today, these are lawyers who reveal the strategy of negotiations with the regulator. Thus, what made the right hand of the Bank, the left hand of the Bank ignores it and can do something else; the essential was to reassure the market.

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Mise à jour : 4 janvier 2012 (Rédaction initiale : 28 mai 2011 )

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Translated Summaries


Two and a half years after having been established by the LME, the French Competition Authority has uncontestably acquired its “place in the sun” amongst the competition authorities of other countries, as demonstrated by multiple indicators.



Articolo: L’Autorità garante della concorrenza tra “regolazione” e politica in materia di concorrenza

Due anni e mezzo dopo l’instaurazione da parte del LME, l’Autorità francese garante della libera concorrenza ha trovato il suo posto tra le diverse autorità degli altri paesi, così come è stato dimostrato da diversi indicatori.


Artículo: La Autoridad de la competencia, entre “regulación” y política competitiva.


Después de dos años y medio de haber sido establecido por el LME, la Autoridad francesa de la competencia ha incontestablemente adquirido su “lugar bajo el sol” entre las autoridades de la competencia de otros países, como demostrado por varios indicadores.


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