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Guidelines are already emerging to what extents the financial supports provide by Member States to broadband networks are compatible with the principle of prohibition of State aid. The open public consultation launched the 1st June until September 3, is part of the more general approach of the Commission to change its guidelines for State aid and in the "digital strategy" of the European Union. It asked to those who respond to the consultation to have the concern to conceive aids to remedy market failures, to encourage investment and to introduce new players. By these signs, we measure it is a regulatory approach.

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Translated Summaries

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Bibliographic Report (Book): The regulation of industrial networks, what evolutions and perspectives in France and in Europe? by Fondation Nationale Entreprise et Performance

Full citation: Fondation nationale Entreprise et Performance, La régulation des réseaux industriels. Quelles évolutions et perspectives en France et en Europe?, Preface Hagelsteen, Marie-Dominique, 105 p., La documentation Française, 2011.

Report by Marie-Anne Frison-RocheManaging Editor and Director

This report ambits to improve the regulation of industrial networks in France and in Europe. Therefore, the Fondation nationale Entreprise et Performance (FNEP) concentrates its study on industrial networks, a category in which it includes telecommunications, energy, rail transportation, and postal services, in France and in Europe. The report proposes new rules or adaptations to old ones in order to increase regulators’ independence, efficacy, and oversight. It then suggests rules be modified to allow for the implementation of regulation at the European level, whenever the relevant market is European in scale.



Compte-rendu bibliographique (Livre): La régulation des réseaux industriels. Quelles évolutions et perspectives en France et en Europe ?  par Fondation Nationale Entreprise et Performance.

Compte-rendu faite par Marie-Anne Frison-Roche

Ce rapport ambitieux vise à améliorer la régulation des réseaux industriels en France et en Europe. Par conséquent, la Fondation nationale Entreprise et Performance (FNEP) concentre son étude sur les réseaux industriels, une catégorie dans laquelle le rapport inclut les télécommunications, l’énergie, le transport ferroviaire, et les services postaux, en France et en Europe. Le rapport propose de nouvelles règles ou des adaptations de précédentes, afin d’accroître l’indépendance des régulateurs , d’augmenter l’efficacité et la surveillance. Il propose ensuite que des règles soient modifiées pour permettre la mise en œuvre de la régulation au niveau européen, chaque fois que le marché pertinent est de dimension européenne.


Relazione bibliografica (Libri): III-1.9: La regolazione delle reti industriali. Quali sono le evoluzioni e le prospettive in Francia e in Europa? A cura della Fondation Nationale Entreprise et Performance

Questa relazione punta a migliorare la regolazione delle reti industriali in Francia e in Europa. Tuttavia la “Fondation Nationale Entreprise et Performance” (FNEP) focalizza la sua attenzione sulle reti industriali, una categoria che include le telecomunicazioni, l’energia, il trasporto ferroviario ed i servizi postali, in Francia ed in Europa. La relazione propone delle nuove regole o una modifica delle regole esistenti per aumentare l’indipendenza, l’efficacia e la vigilanza delle autorità di regolazione. Inoltre, propone di modificare alcune norme per permettere l’applicazione della regolazione al livello europeo, ogni volta che il mercato rilevante è quello europeo.


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