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The "Confédération Suisse" (Swiss Confederation) has decided to establish a new regulatory system to make more effective liberalization of the postal sector, playing both on competition, the strengthening of the powers of the regulator and the privatization of the incumbent operator. The system entering in place on the 1st of October 2012, the "Conseil Fédéral" (SwissFederal Council) appointed the new board members of the "Poste Suisse (Swiss Post)" as well as those who will lead the new regulator: the Commission de la Poste - PostCom". We observe that these are the former managers of the "Post Suisse".

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The postal Regulation Authority (PostReg) is an independent body attached to the Federal Department of the environment, transport, energy and communication (DETEC). It has the mission to assess the liberalisation of the sector and its proper functioning. In its report presented on May 14, 2012, it notices first of all the satisfactory quality of the service provided by the Post, since not only the mails but the packages arrived on time. But concerning the openness to competition, the monopoly held by the Post on the mail lets him maintaining a dominant position on the market of the package. The regulator said that the law already adopted will establish a new authority, the Commission of Post (PostCom) which will further promote new entrants.

6 mars 2004

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1993, 19 may, Corbeau

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China begins to emerge from an administered economy. This applies as well to public services as to its method of financing of the economy. That is why is noteworthy the decision of listing of the subsidiary of Chinese subsidiary of the postal service, dedicated to postal express and logistic. Indeed, the Chinese financial regulator, the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) admitted on 4 may the listing of this one on the Chinese financial market. But, not only the purpose is to list an activity, certainly competitive, but organically attached to a public service, but also it's about to list a very important company. This occurs, and then while few Chinese companies are currently listed. In a single event, a double movement occurs: confidence in the mechanism of the financial market and the growing liberalisation of public services.

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Bibliographic Report (Book): Libéralisation et services publics : économie postale [Liberalization and Public Services­: Postal Economics] by François Boldron, Claire Borsenberger, Denis Joram, Sébastien Lecou, and Bernard Roy.

The authors of Liberalization and Public Services: Postal Economics set out to provide a complete and comprehensive economic study of the challenges and possibilities engendered by the liberalization of the French Postal Service. Using experiences from other countries and industries, as well as taking into account the specificities of France’s postal service, the authors have used economic studies to provide an exhaustive account of what the contours of the postal service of the future may be.


Relazione bibliografica (Libri) : Libéralisation et services publics : économie postale [Liberalizzazione e Servizi pubblici: economia postale] di François Boldron, Claire Borsenberger, Denis Joram, Sébastien Lecou, and Bernard Roy.

Gli autori di “Libéralisation et services publics : économie postale” (Liberalizzazione e Servizi pubblici: economia postale) cercano di predisporre uno studio economico completo e comprensivo delle sfide e delle possibilità generate dalla liberalizzazione del servizio postale francese. Utilizzando le esperienze di altri paesi e di altre industrie, e prendendo in considerazione le specificità del servizio postale francese, gli autori hanno usato studi economici per definire il possibile futuro del sevizio postale.


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