Updated: May 29, 2012 (Initial publication: May 20, 2012)

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The European Parliament, which according to the co decision procedure, must vote the text of directive, until the Council of European Ministers doing it, examined the draft of the Directive on Basel III standards on May 14, 2012. On prudential standards, he planned to leave the States free to adopt higher minimum requirements. In addition, it imposed that the bonus paid to the CEO didn't attain a higher price than their fixed compensation.

Updated: May 9, 2012 (Initial publication: April 17, 2012)

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It was expected that the CEO of the Citigroup Bank receive for 2011 a salary of 15 million, a part immediately, and the other part deferred, and approximately 155 times the average earnings of employees, and while the Citigroup stock price fell from 45% in 2011. Consulting firms advised shareholders to express an unfavourable opinion to this draft resolution, presented in the General Assembly by the Board of Directors of the Bank under the Dodd-Frank Act. Two Consulting firms advised to deliver a negative vote, believing that compensation was disproportionate. Shareholders followed this advice.This is the second time that a such disapproval is expressed.

Updated: Jan. 9, 2012 (Initial publication: Dec. 5, 2011)

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Regulating Global Corporate Capitalism

Updated: Dec. 8, 2011 (Initial publication: Dec. 8, 2011)

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Regulating Corporate Governance in the EU. Towards a Marketization of Corporate Control

Updated: Sept. 1, 2011 (Initial publication: June 24, 2011)


Updated: June 24, 2011 (Initial publication: June 24, 2011)

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The Financial Reporting Council is the UK’s independent regulator responsible for promoting high quality corporate governance and reporting to foster investment. We set audit standards, conduct audit inspections and run the disciplinary scheme for misconduct. We are responsible for the UK Corporate Governance and Stewardship Codes.


Articolo: La prospettiva dei regolatori sulle politiche di regolazione dell’audit

Il Financial Reporting Council è l’autorità di regolazione indipendente responsabile della promozione di un corretto governo d’impresa e dell’incoraggiamento degli investimenti nel Regno Unito. Stabiliamo gli standard dell’audit, svolgiamo tutte le operazioni di audit e applichiamo la procedura disciplinare in caso di infrazione. Siamo responsabili del governo d’impresa e dei codici di condotta.


Artículo: La perspectiva de reguladores en la política de auditas regulatorias.


El “Financial Reporting Council” (FRC - Consejo de Reportaje Financiero) es el regulador independiente británico responsable por asegurar una alta calidad de gobernanza y reportaje corporativo para promover la inversión. Promovemos estándares de auditoría, conducimos inspecciones de auditoría y manejamos el esquema disciplinario para la mala conducta. Somos los responsables para el UK Corporate Governance and Setwardship Codes (la gerencia corporativa británica y los códigos administrativos).



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