Updated: May 29, 2012 (Initial publication: May 20, 2012)

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The European Parliament, which according to the co decision procedure, must vote the text of directive, until the Council of European Ministers doing it, examined the draft of the Directive on Basel III standards on May 14, 2012. On prudential standards, he planned to leave the States free to adopt higher minimum requirements. In addition, it imposed that the bonus paid to the CEO didn't attain a higher price than their fixed compensation.

Updated: May 9, 2012 (Initial publication: April 17, 2012)

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The pay affected by the first hundred American companies to their best paid corporate officersrepresent more than 2 billion, notably because they include stock options. For the moment, the provision of the Dodd-Frank Act requiring companies to publish the ratio between the remuneration of the officers and the average remuneration of employees, whose the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) must control effectiveness, is not currently observed.

Updated: Oct. 3, 2011 (Initial publication: Sept. 23, 2011)