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Sur le vif

The press and television Murdoch group is sued for getting information in an illicit manner, by violating the privacy of personalities, having established connections within the police in order to be informed, etc. Concerning, the television media, activity can be practised because of the prior allocation of a broadcasting license by the regulator. However, the British regulator Ofcom, said April 24, 2012 that he was studying the question of whether the operator could maintain its license in view of the findings made during the parliamentary investigation establishing phone tapping fixed by it.

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Analyses Sectorielles

Translated Summaries

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Several German representatives for regional data protection demanded that Facebook complies with EU and German law. Two major complaints concern Facebook’s facial recognition software and its "Like"-button.



Plusieurs représentants de l’Allemagne pour la protection des données régionales ont  exigé que Facebook respecte les droits allemand et de l’Union Européenne. Les deux principaux reproches concernent le logiciel de reconnaissance faciale de Facebook et de son "Like" button.


Varios representantes alemanes de la protección de data regional demandaron que Facebook cumpla con la leyes europeas y alemanas. Dos quejas principales conciernen el software de reconocimiento facial de Facebook y su tecla “Like.”


Diversi rappresentanti tedeschi per la protezione di dati regionali hanno richiesto a Facebook di conformarsi con la legislazione tedesca ed europea. I due reclami principali riguradano il sistema di riconocimento del viso di Facebook e la sua funzione “Mi piace”.


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