Mise à jour : 28 août 2012 (Rédaction initiale : 24 août 2012 )

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The "Conseil constitutionnel" (French Constitutional Council), on the occasion of the control of the "Loi de finance rectificative" (amending finance law) adopted, may make rules relating to the regulation. Thus, a Senate amendment had slipped into legislation a tax of 5% on the resale of a television channel, when it had been obtained by the purchaser on account of the assignment for the benefit of a licence conferred by the State free of charge. The provision is considered non-compliant with the Constitution in that it does not have enough in connection with the organization of the finances of the State and that it pursues another goal: here to avoid that an operator plays with the mechanisms of regulation for purely financial purposes. This struggle by the Council against the "legislative cavaliers" didn’t mean that a measure of this type is later taken by a law, since such concern can be justified.

Mise à jour : 17 juillet 2012 (Rédaction initiale : 10 juillet 2012 )

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The regulator of telecommunications and media in United Kingdom (Ofcom) published on, June 6, 2012 a report to measure media pluralism. In response, the State Secretary Jeremy Hunt writes on June 18 letter to the chairman of Ofcom, Colette Bow, for him make comments, astonishments, suggestions and remind him of the prerogatives of the Secretary of State in the matter. The set is made with the friendliness that fits between friends that are written and signed by their first names, formulas are in conditional tense in being enveloped in a respectful classicism, which is the form taken by the confrontation between the executive and the regulator. Tension is always high, whatever form it takes, when it comes to media.

Mise à jour : 9 juillet 2012 (Rédaction initiale : 30 juin 2012 )

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The regulator of telecommunications of the Venezuala also controls the television channels. In October 2011, it heavily punished by a fine Globovision channel for how it had reported mutiny. The company has not paid the fine. Seized by the regulator, the Supreme Court of justice ordered the freeze of assets of the company for $ 5.6 million as long as execution would not be made. The following day, June 29, 2012, the fine was paid. It is not sure that democracy has its account.

7 décembre 2011

Thesaurus : 05. Cour de justice de l'Union européenne

2011, 28 July, Mediaset

Mise à jour : 9 mai 2012 (Rédaction initiale : 23 avril 2012 )

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The French Act of 1 February 2012 "to strengthen the ethics of sport and sports rights" has sought to resolve the issue of the use of short excerpts from sports other than broadcast rights holders. Prior to this, only a code of conduct existed, the uncertainty remaining, and also about the dimension of the extract and the support of the extract. The Act is now related to the extract in any medium, including the Internet, and gives the power to establish specific rules to the Conseil Supérieur de l'audiovisuel (CSA)- (French audiovisual regulatory). Furthermore, the Act of May 17, 2011 has extended the right to free diffusion in any event a great interest to the public. The Conseil Supérieur de l'audiovisuel (CSA) – (French audiovisual regulatory) has opened on April 4, 2012, a public consultation. It will be closed on 18 May.