Mise à jour : 2 juillet 2012 (Rédaction initiale : 23 juin 2012 )

Sur le vif

The "Confederadion Empresarios del Juego COFAR" (the Spanish Confederation of the Game) have organized a symposium on 20 June in Barcelona, in which European regulators expressed including the France, the Spain, the Italy and the Portugal. The chairmen of the national regulatory authorities first emphasized their concern for common standards to a European market of a market of online games, including in what could become a domain identified name to refer to European players. In addition, the conference showed their desire for a stronger opening of a European market of online games. This fact also achieved through domain names.

Mise à jour : 5 janvier 2012 (Rédaction initiale : 5 janvier 2012 )

Thesaurus : Doctrine

Le marché européen de l'électricité et son développement : le rôle des gestionnaires de réseaux de transport