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An agreement was reached on 12 June 2012, between the Turkey and the Niger for the development of telecommunications in that country.


First of all, the Turkey and Niger signed June 12, 2012 a cooperation agreement for the development of telecommunications in Niger. It includes a program of cooperation between the two national authorities of regulation and provision of expertise on the part of the Turkish authority to the authority of the Niger. Secondly, it provides a system of training, so that operators entering the telephone and Internet market. Thirdly, the Turkey provides financial assistance to Niger that infrastructures are built, required for the deployment of a national telecommunications market.


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Niger and the Turkey endorsed Tuesday a cooperation agreement for that the Turkey provides assistance to the Niger in its intended to strengthen the effectiveness of the action of its multisectoral telecommunication authority. It is generally to allow Niger to develop itself economically through the development of telecommunications.

In an operative way, this assistance takes the form of expertise provided by the Turkey, through its national Council of regulation, to the authority of the Niger, on telecommunications. In addition, that activity is developing, the two regulators are implementing training to ensure that operators are able to enter the telecommunications market or more specifically the Internet. Finally, this program backs up for financial assistance provided by the Turkey for financing of infrastructure. 

In 2011, this assistance amounted to $ 40 million and will be renewed. There in the first place that telecommunications are a means in Africa not to accompany economic development but to be the engine. In second place, we can observe that relations assistance and cooperation do not take place North-South but South-South.

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