Updated: Sept. 17, 2012 (Initial publication: Sept. 9, 2012)

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In Cameroon, the electricity sector is organized around a public operator, the Aes-Sonel, which the State conceded the transmission and distribution of electricity. The “Agence de Régulation du Secteur de l’Energie – ARSEL ( Cameroons Regulatory Agency Electricity Sector ) is responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of the system, quality of service and consumer protection. As in other African countries for the moment the country suffers from a lack of electrification planning and a lack of access to electricity, a significant portion of the population. However, the regulator has commissioned a survey from June 4 to August 16, 2012. He was released on September 5 which he says the study shows that the operator doesn’t provide public service obligations correctly towards consumers. The operator responds by saying that on the one hand the study is not conclusive and that other conditions, external to him, do not bring electricity to everyone but it’s not its fault.