Updated: May 29, 2012 (Initial publication: May 19, 2012)

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Release Work : Enforcement of Transnational Regulation. Ensuring Compliance in a Global Word


CAFAGGI, Fabrizio (ed.),Professor of Comparative Law, European University Institute, Italy. Elgar Publisher, 2012, 400 p. Globalization pushes the boundaries of markets. Alongside the greater “goods” of transnational economic activity come the “bads” of unregulated conduct. This important book looks to the new frontiers of legal intervention to make sure that global markets do not run riot over important public values. The signal contribution is not the search for ever higher levels of transnational authority – the superstates of a brave new world – but empowering numerous private actors to enforce legal norms in our fast-changing economic environment.

Private Regulation series


In this collective publication, the authors are : Contributors: E. Benvenisti, F. Cafaggi, F. Casarosa, S. Cassese, E. D’Alterio, K.E. Davis, M. De Bellis, G.W. Downs, C. Estlund, F. Francioni, G.P. Miller, E.-U. Petersmann, C. Scott, R. Stewart and P. Verbruggen.


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