March 6, 2004

Thesaurus : 05. Court of Justice of the European Union


1993, 19 may, Corbeau

1993, 19 may, Corbeau

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aff C-3320-91.

For a French comment, AJDA 1993, p.865, obs. HAMON, François


By the case Corbeau, the Euroean Court of Justice granted the monopoly of the postal market for La Poste Royale Belge on  the express mail market.

The decision justified its approval by the fact that this award by a decree allowing the monopoly to fund the Post also the responsibility of the universal service mail. Thus, the overall financial balance of the operator responsible for universal service justifies the legal monopoly. By the decision Corbeau, the European competition law recognizes the concept of public service, through its own reasoning and its own requirements.

The movement will strengthen in the case Municipality of Almelo (decision of 1994, 27 April 1994).

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