Feb. 4, 2020

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February 4, 2020. Conference "Geographic significance in the choice and use of Compliance tools", in "Compliance tools"

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The cycle of conferences Les outils de la Compliance (The Compliance tools) began in November 2019 and runs until June 2020. It is organized by The Journal of Regulation & Compliance and all of its partner universities. It includes a conference more particularly devoted to the theme of "La prégnance géographique dans le choix et l'usage des outils de la Compliance" ("Geographic significance in the choice and use of Compliance tools").

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Conference and Debate  (in French)

 Thuesday, February 4, 202016h30– 19h30

 Law & Political Sciences School

Doyen Louis Trotabas Avenue, 06050 Nice Cedex.

Amphithéâtre Bonnecarrère, Villa Passiflore,


General Presentation

Compliance is a global phenomenon. In this, it illustrates the problematic of a Global Law. However, it should not be inferred that Compliance is applied in the same way everywhere in the world. Like any legal institution, it is integrated into a preexisting legal framework, shaped by culture and history.

The aim of the conference is to explore geographic significance in Compliance Tools, that is to say the potentially different way in which these tools are chosen and used depending on the geographic area concerned. The three geographic areas studied will mainly be Europe, the United States and Africa. Opportunity will thus be given to highlight the convergences and divergences in the implementation of Compliance Tools in a geographic vision of the institution.


Under the scientific direction of Jean-Baptiste Racine, professor at the University Côté d'Azur (Law & Political Sciences School of Nice), GREDEG-CREDECO, CNRS UMR 7321

With the interventions of:

Jean-Baptiste Racine, professor at the University Côté d'Azur , Nice

- Mahmoud Mohammed Salah, Law professor at the University of Nouakchott, Mauritany

- Karen Coppens, Dechert LLP

- Mads Andenas, Law professor at the University of Oslo, Norway

Marie-Anne Frison-Roche, Law professor at Sciences Po, Paris






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