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Commission de Régulation du Secteur de l'Electricité (CRSE)

Commission de Régulation du Secteur de l'Electricité (CRSE) Ex Camp Lat Dior BP: 11701 Dakar SENEGAL Tél.: (00 221) 33 849 04 59 - Fax: (00 221) 33 849 04 64 Email:

The  Commission de régulation du secteur électrique - CRSE (Senegalese Regulatory Commission of Electricity Sector) was created by Law of 14 April 1998 relating to the electricity sector.

It is an independent authority responsible for regulating the activities of generation, transmission , distribution and sale of electric energy. It also has an advisory role on behalf of the Minister of Energy. It is an essential device in securing investment in the electricity sector.

The Commission aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • promote the rational development of the electricity supply.
  • ensure the economic and financial balance of the electricity sector and the preservation of economic conditions necessary for its viability.
  • conditions ensure financial viability of the electricity sector, enabling them to achieve a normal rate of return on their investments.
  • promote competition and private sector participation in generation, transmission, distribution and sale of electric energy.
  • reflect social concerns by ensuring the preservation of the interests of consumers and ensuring the protection of their rights with regard to price, delivery and quality of electrical energy.

The provisions of the law provide him independence, ethics and transparency.

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